IT Security 101: What Every Doctor Needs to Know

By |2021-02-01T09:49:36-05:00June 10th, 2019|Industry News|

What is IT Security? Defining IT Security is a good starting point since it can have different meanings to different people. According to Wikipedia, IT Security is the process and mechanisms by which computer-based equipment, information, and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change, or destruction. It is of particular and growing importance [...]

Changing My Entity Type

By |2021-02-01T09:49:36-05:00June 10th, 2019|Industry News|

Tax reform may have you thinking of changing your S corporation to a C corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship. With such a switch, you need to consider: How do I terminate the S corporation election correctly? What are the tax consequences to me? If you want to turn your S corporation into a C corporation, [...]

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