The Dental Resource Partners Rules and Regulations



In order to become a member of Dental Resource Partners, you must fill out a member application provided on the website. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the committee for conflicts within the current membership. You will be informed by email of your acceptance/denial within 2 weeks.

Conflicts with other Business in the group

Occasionally, we find that a business in the group is a direct competitor with an existing member of the group. If this happens, we will discuss it with both parties and if it is deemed to be a direct competition in obtaining referrals, we will ask that the member wanting to join the group be put on our waiting list for the next available opening for that seat.

Losing your job

If you lose your job, we still see you as a valued member of our group. You are more than welcome to attend the meetings, and try to network amongst the other businesses to try to seek employment. If you were not an existing member of the group, you are welcome to come as a guest one time to shop your resume to the existing members of the group.

Conduct detrimental to the group

If it is decided that you are exhibiting behavior that is considered detrimental to the group, the Board members will ask you to relinquish your seat, and you will not be placed on the waiting list, or invited to any of the social functions.

Dues and Finances

Dues for the Dental Resource Partners are $150.00 per quarter.