Protecting Patient Information is Job #1 after Providing Proper Care

By |2021-02-01T09:49:37-05:00April 1st, 2018|Industry News|

The old adage, "success is 2% inspiration and 98% perspiration" also applies to HIPAA Privacy and Security. It is one thing to know what you need to do, but it is another to actually follow through and do it. With the requirements of HIPAA and MACRA/MIPS, practice administrators and providers are tasked with completing a Security Risk Assessment [...]

The Day Your Refrigerator Broke the Internet

By |2021-02-01T09:49:38-05:00April 1st, 2018|Industry News|

You and your patients probably started Friday October 21 the same way you do most weekdays. I know I did. I opened my phone to the Starbucks app to place a mobile order. Except I couldn't, because when I clicked my order nothing happened, the Starbucks app returned an error. So I tried it again [...]

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