This past Friday I received a call from a POS manufacturer with whom I am partnered.  They were very concerned about one of their clients.  Thankfully, not one of the clients for whom I process payments.

It seems that this extremely high volume retail store received notification that over the past six months, approximately 165 credit cards have been breached through the stores processing system.  That is going to hurt.

The following article about PCI Compliance from Verizon is an eye opener.  If you fall into the large percentage of non-compliant companies, this could be a call to action.  Only 2% of my clients are non-compliant and that is because, by their behavior, they have chosen to be.  I hope they are reading this.

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Article by Crosby M Olinto, Consultant, Electronic Payments , He can be reached at: or 404-290-8900.