Many people remember the classic movie “A Few Good Men” and the famous line, “You can’t handle the truth!”

It seems after 35 years in the planning business, to “handle the truth” in the life insurance area is still a problem for many.

In an effort to unmask this subject, I think a little actual experience may add wisdom.  Attending 18 client funerals to date, I must admit that every beneficiary if given the choice to have received more life insurance benefits would have said “YES”.

So, the question that must be answered is “how much life insurance should you own”?  The “truth” is, if you can handle it…ALL YOU CAN GET.  Most people don’t realize that life insurance companies will only issue so much life insurance depending on your situation and based on hundreds of factors.  Your age, your income, your health, and your lifestyle are some of the broad factors that are considered.  And the result could range from 5 times to 20 times your income.

After you determine what you qualify for, now the learning process starts concerning what type of life insurance to own?  And yes, there are good and not so good companies and there are good and not so good policies.

Understanding how life insurance can be utilized to maximize the many living benefits such as spending the death benefit, utilizing the cash value and avoiding term costs are just a few of the many areas that help determine what is BEST for you.  Let’s face it…if you knew you only had six months to live, how much life insurance would you want to buy TODAY?

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