1. OraCare Webinar
  2. Medical Billing Course
  3. Complete CEREC ROI
  4. Sign up for Dentsply SironaWorld
  5. Stay current on latest research to increase your dental IQ — Vaping, e-cigs, etc.
  6. Sharpen Instruments
  7. Invisalign, Whitening training
  8. Complete a Hygiene Mastery Dept Analysis
  9. Refine Periodontal Therapy Protocol
  10. Calibrate Providers with treatment recommendations and probing
  11. Update Med History form
  12. Institute Blood Pressure screening
  13. Evaluate Head and Neck exam and Advanced Oral Cancer Screening device and training
  14. Start a Caries-Free Program with Fluoride Protocol and Xylitol alternatives
  15. Create a No Cavity Club for kids
  16. Sleep Apnea Screenings
  17. Evaluate anxiety and sedation protocols
  18. Review ER protocol
  19. Define Intra Oral Camera photos required
  20. Explore patient education resources – videos describing procedures and care
  21. Improve Clinical Skills and Explore Procedure Mix and Adjunctive Procedures
  22. Clean back office (Operatories & Lab)
  23. Clean and Restock Treatment Rooms
  24. Make hygiene packets (toothbrush, floss, blistex, toothpaste, pamphlet, business card)
  25. Ask someone who is available to teach you a new skill
  26. Order “Coding with Confidence” by Charles Blair and assign codes to relevant employees (e.g. Hyg= D0150, D0180, D1110, D4910, D4341, D4342, D4346)
  27. Refine Home Care and Post Op instruction documents
  28. Create a Post Natal Package – tooth eruption patters, nursing mouth syndrome, nutritional info, ideal dental products
  29. Create an Ultimate Hygiene Kit to be provided with Perio Therapy
  30. Explore IsoDry
  31. Explore Isolite
  32. Explore VoiceWorks



  1. Schedule time for daily meetings that will be required
  2. Schedule One Thing blocks
  3. Refine your schedules with ideal templates
  4. Dental Intel Training Videos and Webinar
  5. OSHA and HIPAA training
  6. Schedule Source Meetings with team leaders
  7. Scan charts to go chartless
  8. File and consider what “paperwork” can be eliminated or reduced in the future
  9. Deep Clean – wall marks, chairs, cabinets, drawers, sterile center, bathrooms, etc.
  10. Perform chart audits
  11. Hygiene – patient due and look ahead who is not scheduled for recare appts 3-6 months
  12. Treatment Reactivation
  13. Unscheduled family members
  14. Who needs Medical History updates, Financial Policy, new phone numbers, etc.
  15. Confirm patients
  16. Process mail
  17. Prepare video recare messages to be used for reactivation
  18. Call patients to schedule treatment off of the unscheduled list
  19. Call patients on the due or past due hygiene list
  20. Improve existing systems – scheduling to goal, new patient experience, reactivation, financial policy, financial arrangements, monitors.
  21. Review Dental Intel for opportunities.



  1. Creatively display your vision.
  2. Doctor Feature Wall – Education and Continuing Education certificates
  3. Marketing calendar for 2020 and 2021
  4. Plan for Health campaign – newsletter, mailings, drop off to local businesses, apt complexes and assisted living centers, referral sources such as other healthcare providers
  5. Community outreach events
  6. Campaigns such as teeth whitening fluoride and herpetic lesion treatment
  7. Social media campaign
  8. Theme Days – Superhero, Sports, Disney, Halloween, Luau
  9. Back to School, Kids Day, Senior Day
  10. Give Kids a Smile
  11. Freedom Day
  12. Create an Office Tour Video to be used on social media
  13. Small business intros “let’s get acquainted”
  14. Start campaign for patient outreach
    1. Handwritten letters to New Patients after first visit
    2. Greetings cards for birthdays, congrats, sympathy, get well, etc.
    3. Check in on how patients and their families are doing
  15. Patient Appreciation Day
    1. Open House
    2. No missed appts= invitation to special event
    3. No cavity club= T Shirt
  16. Lunch and Learns with Specialists
  17. Care to Share campaign
  18. Video Testimonial Campaign
  19. Update Uniforms
  20. Sunglasses and headphones for patient comfort
  21. Before and After album for reception
  22. Slide Show for reception tv featuring cases, avail procedures, team members, etc.
  23. Getting Married – Whitening or complimentary appointment for new spouse
  24. Sponsor Teams and offer free mouthguards
  25. Join Smile Defenders
  26. Warm Neck Pillows
  27. Silver Tray with Mouth rinse, Chapstick, Hot Towel at end of appt
  28. Video Testimonials from team members to be used on social media
  29. Tidy office and reception area
  30. Take care of laundry
  31. Clean bathroom
  32. White Towel Service
  33. Review 500 Marketing Ideas Handout



  1. Complete PPO review
  2. M&A letter campaign
  3. Review 3 Key Financial Statements – P&L, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows
  4. Customize patient portion calculator
  5. Call insurance on status of claims
  6. Call insurance for updated benefits
  7. Review Merchant relationship and complete Dental Card Services evaluation
  8. Audit patient accounts receivables, and collect outstanding balances
  9. Refresher training through vendors such a Care Credit and Transworld
  10. Educate patients on Dental Benefits pros and cons and in-office membership



  1. DISC Assessments
  2. Complete assessment with HR for Health
  3. Office Manager – explore AADOM membership
  4. Attend Fortune Webinars and Training
  5. Refine Job Descriptions using 4 square exercise
  6. Schedule meeting with coach to discuss Platinum Circle and F50
  7. Plan Team Tribute days – birthday celebrations, quarterly outings, holiday celebrations
  8. Update Employee Manual
  9. Start an Office Protocol Handbook
  10. Performance Reviews and Appraisals
  11. Assign a book and share learnings
  12. Role play new patient phone calls and cancelation call protocols
  13. Create Transformational Vocabulary list (e.g. SRP= Perio Therapy,
    Cancelation= Opportunity)
  14. Commit to CANI and keep growing.